Our Beers

Our Beers

Vamp Blood

This brew was made for all you bloodsuckers out there. Monstrous amounts of blood orange and sweet cherry make up this imperial sour. Missing out on this beer would be a real stake in the heart. Expect sweet fruit and zesty blood orange in this tangy sour ale. Who wouldn’t want to sink their teeth into that? So, if you are a vampire, witch, ghost, zombie, werewolf, or hell, even a werepanther, this beer is for you.
Imperial Fruit Sour (Blood Orange and Cherry)
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8% ABV

Haulin’ Oats

We must have been “out of touch” when we came up with this brew because we made a recipe for a DIPA that contains half flaked oats. Besides the extremely long brew, (which consisted of the worst stuck mash we have ever had and a grain bed so dense, we could practically walk on it), you would have thought we “lost that loving feeling”. But no, “we do it for love!” What we have is a velvet smooth DIPA with a beautiful tropical profile. Coming in at 9% ABV, beware! She is definitely a “man-eater”! Get it fast before “she’s gone”!
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Blocker Pale Ale

It’s Not Rocket Surgery!

I mean, how hard can it be? You take a bunch of malt and put it in a pot. You throw in some hot water and make malt water. You boil it and throw in hops like Azacca, Strata, and El Dorado. You let it ferment out and then add a butt load of more hops. You carbonate it and put it in a can. It’s really not rocket surgery.
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 8.5% ABV

Lollipop Land, 7.5% ABV

We wanted to write a recipe that would pop. Something fun that would bring out the inner kid. Brewed with a few different varieties of toffee malt, a good amount of beets for color, and a pinch of lactose. It is fun and whimsical, like nothing you have ever experienced before.

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Thunder Cluck

This dark brown Porter is a traditional beer from countries bordering the Baltic Sea and usually fermented with lager yeast. Beautiful, dark malt characters…think coffee, toffee, caramel and toasty. We know Vikings did not drink this style of beer, but if they had, maybe they wouldn’t be so angry! 8% ABV
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Cabin Fever

We wanted to create a sweet, crisp lager that would be perfect for cold winter nights. This brew has a rich amber color with an aroma of sweet caramel, Maine maple syrup, and a smooth, clean, lager finish. It’s a nice break from those super hoppy IPA’s out there. Something different so you won’t go stir crazy! 7% ABV Order and Pick-Up

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Hello Darkness, My Old Friend, 10% ABV

This Imperial Stout was brewed for those who welcome the darkness. Brewed with 8 different varieties of malt, 2 different hop varieties, and 2 different yeast strains. One can expect pleasant aromas of dark roasted malt. As for taste, think bitter dark chocolate and rich, espresso coffee. All this is finished with a smooth, malty sweetness. The perfect brew to help you relax at the end of your day and reach the sound of silence.

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Driving Miss Hazy

This New England IPA will drive you crazy with tons of tropical and citrus aroma. A cloudy straw color is traditional for this beer style. Remember to enjoy, but drink responsibly or have someone give you a lift. Available beginning November 5th. Order and Pick-Up

6.5% ABV, 50 IBU

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