Our Beers

Our Beers

Traitorade Key Lime Sour, 7% ABV (cans)

We came up with the idea for this beer a year ago, then we decided to retire it. We said we were going to come back to it, but we never did. Now, we decided to release it. We developed a beer with the right amount of sour, and a little bit of saltiness. We blended all that together with the best Florida key limes we could find. The aroma of this beer, alone, reminds you go getting old and having to retire in Florida. Key Lime / Imperial Fruit Sour with sea salt

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Gourds Gone Wild (draft)

It’s that time of year. The time when we take everything and douse it with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice. This beer is no exception. We also added a bit of vanilla to give this beer a hint of sweetness and bring all the spices together. It’s the best thing that could ever happen to pumpkin spice – anything but basic!


Bocktoberfest, 6% abv (draft)

This traditional lager is usually made for one of the largest beer celebrations in the world. Our malty amber beer is perfect for celebrating, too. You may not be in Munich, but we can bring that flavor to you.

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Cranberry Orange Sour

Chubby Unicorn (draft and cans)

This big, mythical creature is not what she seems. With bursts of tropical flavors and hints of citrus, stone fruit, and a smooth, rounded, slightly sweet finish, it makes you realize why she decided to change her ways. Life is too short to be bitter, be a unicorn! 9% ABV

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Blocker Pale Ale

Be Fruitful Kettle Sour Series, 4.8% ABV (draft and cans)

Our tart, fruit ales are first fermented with our lactobacillus strain and then fermented again with our house Belgian strain. Once the beer has finished fermenting, we load it up with one pound of fruit per galloon of beer. Remember to ALWAYS keep this beer refrigerated.
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4.8% ABV

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Lava Monster, 8% abv, (draft and cans)

A professional tattoo artist was brought in for the collaboration of this label design. Mitch McGarry is an experienced artist who has done work from Providence to Boston and boasts an impressive portfolio. This collaboration was a long time coming. What we came up with is a complex brew! Our imperial fruited sour has 7 different fruit varieties (raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, guava, Acai berry, and black currants), giving it a fruit punch feel. We then added black lava sea salt, charred coconut husks, and a touch of milk sugar to balance it out. You can expect sweet, sour, salty and fruity flavors all rolled together in one giant Hawaiian lava monster.
** malt, fruit, hops, sea salt, milk sugar

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Kangaroo Punch, 8% abv (draft)

We heard you enjoy your craft beers with big hops. How about Australian hops, with a big punch? This IPL was cold fermented with a special lager yeast to intensify those hop profiles we love. You can expect huge notes of tropical fruits like papaya, guava and passion fruit…yet, have a drinkability you shouldn’t have in a big beer. See how many rounds you can go with this bad boy!

Cranberry Orange Sour

Dad Bod, 5% abv (draft and cans)

Light, crisp, refreshing American lager dry hopped with a substantial amount of Azacca and Mosaic hops. Great for those warmer days when you are working in the yard, out fishing or sitting on the couch. Grab a Bod and relax, you definitely deserve it. Cheers!

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Blocker Pale Ale

Squeezable, 5.5% ABV (cans)

This is our easy drinking lemon pale ale. We started with local Pilsner malt and a touch of maize for sweetness. We then added lemon peel and finished it with freshly squeezed lemon juice. What we have is a very squeezable 5.5% abv, crisp, citrusy, light bodied ale. Perfect for those more active days. Order and Pick-Up

Available in 12oz., 6 pack!

Leisure Soda, 6.5% ABV (cans)

Hard Blueberry Seltzer made from corn, fruit purée and yeast.

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6 pack, 12 oz. cans

Cranberry Orange Sour

Crushable, 5.5% ABV (draft and cans)

This is our easy drinking orange pale ale. We started with local Pilsner malt and a touch of maize for sweetness. We then added orange peel and finished it with orange pureé. What we have is a very crushable 5.5% abv, crisp, citrusy, light bodied ale. Perfect for those more active days. Order and Pick-Up

Driving Miss Hazy (draft and cans)

This New England IPA will drive you crazy with tons of tropical and citrus aroma. A cloudy straw color is traditional for this beer style. Remember to enjoy, but drink responsibly or have someone give you a lift. Available beginning November 5th. Order and Pick-Up

6.5% ABV, 50 IBU
Blocker Pale Ale

Smoke on the Lager, 4.5% ABV (can pours)

We took inspiration from an old world beer called Grodziskie. Smug obviously had to put our own spin on it. The beer was brewed with 100% wheat malt, with most of the grain oak smoked. We also hope with two Noble hops, SAAZ and Tettnang. Lastly, we fermented it with a German lager yeast. What we have is, the aroma of a campfire, but very subtle, smoke flavor. The taste is of grainy bread and sweet corn with pops of smoke and a crisp, clean finish. A great all year round brew!

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Red Velvet Tracksuit, 7.5% ABV (cans)

When the two Rhode Island families called a meeting, there was nothing but respect. We decided to merge our passions, waffles and beer. Our idea was to replicate Burgundian’s red velvet waffle in beer form. What developed was a deep, red, velvety-smooth brew with hints of chocolate and a cream cheese dollop. Does it have that red velvet waffle taste? Forget about it! Order and Pick-Up

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Hello Darkness, My Old Friend, 10% ABV (cans)

This Imperial Stout was brewed for those who welcome the darkness. Brewed with 8 different varieties of malt, 2 different hop varieties, and 2 different yeast strains. One can expect pleasant aromas of dark roasted malt. As for taste, think bitter dark chocolate and rich, espresso coffee. All this is finished with a smooth, malty sweetness. The perfect brew to help you relax at the end of your day and reach the sound of silence.

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Lollipop Land, 7.5% ABV (cans)

We wanted to write a recipe that would pop. Something fun that would bring out the inner kid. Brewed with a few different varieties of toffee malt, a good amount of beets for color, and a pinch of lactose. It is fun and whimsical, like nothing you have ever experienced before.

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