Our Beers

Our Beers

Cabin Fever, Winter Lager, 7%abv

We wanted to create a sweet, crisp lager that would be perfect for cold winter nights. This brew has a rich amber color with an aroma of sweet caramel, Maine maple syrup, and a smooth, clean, lager finish. It’s a nice break from those super hoppy IPA’s out there. Something different so you won’t go stir crazy!

Marshmallow Peanut Butter Stout, 9.5%abv

It’s time to step up your favorite campfire snack and add some peanut butter to the mix. We mixed in rich, dark chocolate, gooey traditional marshmallows and 100 pounds of the finest peanut butter to this complex brew. It gives you the perfect, chocolatey sweet, peanut buttery goodness. Enjoy this by your favorite wintertime campfire.

Allergy alert: peanuts

Malt, hops, peanut butter, marshmallow, yeast

5th Anniversary Gose! 6.5% abv

A German style sour ale. Brewed with coriander and sea salt. Dominant flavours include a lemon sourness, a herbal characteristic, and a strong saltiness. It is a beautiful yellow straw-color, very easy to drink and delightfully tart.

Available on draft and in limited bottles. Happy 5th Anniversary!

Ceased and Got Sauced, Cranberry Sour 5.5% abv

Ceased and Got Sauced is a 5.5% abv fruited sour ale stuffed with over 350 lbs of fresh cranberries. Tart, sweet, sour, fruity, all the best flavors rolled up in one can. We hope to see this beverage on your table!

5th Anniversary Barrel Aged Sour Porter, 7.5% abv

This Anniversary brew was aged for 2 years in a cinnamon whiskey cask with 2 wild strain yeasts. The Porter sat on fresh ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. It has beautiful, fruity notes with hints of ginger and a tart and complex flavor of dark berries and warming spice. With hardly any bubbles, it drinks more like a malt wine.

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Be Fruitful Sour Series, 5.5% abv

Our tart, fruit ales are first fermented with our lactobacillus strain and then fermented again with our house Belgian strain. Once the beer has finished fermenting, we load it up with one pound of fruit per galloon of beer. Remember to ALWAYS keep this beer refrigerated.
Sours on draft: Cran-gerine Sour!

Bocktoberfest, 6% abv

This traditional lager is usually made for one of the largest beer celebrations in the world. Our malty amber beer is perfect for celebrating, too. You may not be in Munich, but we can bring that flavor to you.

Gourds Gone Wild , Pumpkin Spiced Ale, 6%abv

It’s that time of year. The time when we take everything and douse it with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice. This beer is no exception. We also added a bit of vanilla to give this beer a hint of sweetness and bring all the spices together. It’s the best thing that could ever happen to pumpkin spice – anything but basic! Sticker available!

The GOAT’s Bock

The End of an Era or the End of a Dynasty, some may say.
We did have fun a couple years ago with the infamous Traitorade, but that was because we were lashing out. This is the beer we truly wanted to make for our “GOAT.” What is more sleek and sophisticated than a Helles Bock? Brewed with high end locally malted grain, the best noble hops we could source and aged slowly with time and patience. We also had to reference all his crowing achievements in this brew.
6.1% abv to represent the six Super Bowl wins with New England and that .01 win – (for that other team).
The 23 IBU is for the years he spent in the league being great.
The 15 bags of grains used was for the times he was nominated to the Pro Bowl.
Finally, 251 is the batch number for this brew, which is also his all-time wins number.
Thank you for all the come from behind wins, the Super Bowl appearances, the leaving us and coming back to us.
Cheers to the GOAT!

Honeybird, Hoppy Lager 5.5%abv

We were very excited to team up with Honeybird Kitchen + Cocktails, because birds of a feather flock together. The challenge was to come up with a beer that would compliment their amazing fried chicken, whether it is spicy or mild. Our hoppy lager lends the perfect balance of citrus and tropical notes to cool a spicy chicken dish, while also being able to stand on its own, as a crisp, easy lager. This approachable 5.5% abv will not weigh you down, and the high quality hop flavor keeps your interest with every sip. Haven’t you heard? The bird is the word!

Half Chubb, Session IPA, 5.5%abv

You have heard of the big mythical creature known as Chubby Unicorn. Now, allow us to introduce to you the perfect pint sized partner… Half Chubb is exactly half of everything its big friend has to offer, aside from flavor! Half the malt, half the hops, half the yeast and half the alcohol, make up this agreeable and full-flavored session IPA. It has everything you want from the Chubby Unicorn, but with a less aggressive bite, so you can have a few and still make it to work (on time) in the morning. Remember sometimes half is all you need.

Hefe Leppard, Hefeweizen, 5%abv

With its distinct flavor profile, a classic Hefeweizen is known for being sweet and flavorful with notes of banana, clove or even bubble gum. This orange colored wheat ale is typically enjoyed on hot summer days because of its crisp, fruity finish. Drink this brew on those warm, sunshiny days while you rock out to some classic hair metal bands. Cheers!

Wheat, malt, hops, yeast

Driving Miss Hazy, 7% abv

This New England IPA will drive you crazy with tons of tropical and citrus aroma. A cloudy straw color is traditional for this beer style. Remember to enjoy, but drink responsibly or have someone give you a lift.

Leisure Soda, GF Mixed Berry Hard Seltzer, 5% abv

GF, Hard Mixed Berry Seltzer made from corn, fruit purée and yeast.

Mixed 4-Pack!

Only available in the Taproom.

Make up your own 4-pack from select beers!