Our Beers

Our Beers

Smokey and the Brew, Rauchbier, 5.8%ABV

This beautiful, dark brew is hard to catch up with these days. It’s known for being intense and bold with chocolate roasted malt and oak smoked malt. This screaming hot campfire smoked beer is for those select people who need a thrill in their lives. Try to get your hands on this brew before it speeds away! Cheers!

Eat My Schwartz, Schwarzbier, 6%ABV

Schwarzbier, also known as black beer, is a dark lager, originally brewed in Germany. This beautiful, black beer has a rich, dark roasted malt color with hints of cocoa, chocolate and coffee. It’s perfect for any occasion. Cheers!

Chubby Unicorn, DIPA, 9% ABV

This big, mythical creature is not what she seems. With bursts of tropical flavors and hints of citrus, stone fruit, and a smooth, rounded, slightly sweet finish, it makes you realize why she decided to change her ways. Life is too short to be bitter, be a unicorn!

Sticker available!

Pollo Picante, Spicy Mango, 6% ABV

Sometimes you need a little spice in your life. This sour, if you like spicy, has everything you need. We took our spicy mango and added a large amount of fresh jalapeño, fresh lime, and sea salt. Crisp, tart, refreshing and spicy all rolled into one special brew.

** Hops, malt, mango, jalapeno, sea salt, lime

El Gringo Tres, Mexican Style Lager, 4.8%ABV

This crisp, easy to drink lager has a clean, lime, semi-sweet malt finish. Great for those hot days or after a long day of work. So, whether you are lounging around the house or dropping elbows from the top ropes, this lager is sure to please!

Malt, hops, lime puree

Be the Ball, Grape Sour with Lime and Ginger, 5.5%ABV

Now that the weather is officially starting to turn, we needed a brew to get you out and onto the golf course. This sour ale was mimicked after the transfusion cocktail. It’s made with our house sour base recipe then infused with local Concord grapes, fresh lime juice and a ginger syrup. Not only is this brew refreshing, but also complex with a hint of lime and a spicy ginger aftertaste. Remember, if you don’t like golf, drink it on the couch while watching your favorite Bill Murray movie. Cheers!

Faz O Relax, Portuguese Style Lager, 6%ABV

Portugal is commonly known for its wine, not beer. With Rhode Island and Massachusetts having the highest percentage of Portuguese Americans in the nation, we thought we would pay homage to its local beer. This brew is an easy drinking, malt forward lager, with very subtle hops and a slight sweetness from the caramel malts. To be crisp, refreshing and able to be consumed year round was the driving force behind this brew. So grab yourself a cold beer and Faz O Relax!

Driving Miss Hazy, 7% ABV

This New England IPA will drive you crazy with tons of tropical and citrus aroma. A cloudy straw color is traditional for this beer style. Remember to enjoy, but drink responsibly or have someone give you a lift.

Moose Juice, Imperial IPA, 12%ABV

This beer was inspired by one of our brewer’s previous employers and where he started his brewing career. The influence was a pineapple cocktail made with a fresh pineapple soaked in spirits. We created a recipe that involves specific hops that give off the flavor and aroma of fresh pineapple and finished it with a splash of pineapple pureé to tamper the ABV. The result is an amazing, floral, citrusy IPA with wonderful, aggressive flavors and a semi-sweet finish. We hope you enjoy this brew as much as we do. Cheers!

Stay Gold Ponyboy, Golden Ale, 5.5%ABV

Known for its simplicity, the American Golden Ale was invented by small breweries in the 1970’s – as an “approachable” craft beer. As expected by its name, it is straw or gold in color, putting it in the Pale Ale category. Flavor-wise, this sunny-hued brew is simple, straight forward and very smooth. Stay Gold, Ponyboy! Stay Gold!

Rhode Island Lager, 3.3%ABV

This is one of our favorite styles of beer here at Smug – hope you enjoy this light lager!

Leisure Soda, GF Mixed Berry Hard Seltzer, 5% abv

GF, Hard Mixed Berry Seltzer made from corn, fruit purée and yeast.

Mixed 4-Pack!

Only available in the Taproom.

Make up your own 4-pack from select beers!