Our Beers

Our Beers

Nature of the Beast, Black Forest Stout, 8%abv (draft and cans)

The Black Forest gets its name from the 100-mile stretch of pine trees, so dense the sun struggles to reach the forest floor. Black Forest Cake is a German dessert made with moist layers of chocolate cake, and tart, yet sweet cherry filling. Both are the inspiration for this brew: dark sun struggling, dense chocolate, and semi sweet, tart cherry. Our dark beverage comes in at a scary 8% abv, but balanced out with sweet fruit. A great cold weather brew to be enjoyed safely at home. Cheers.

Malt, hops, cherry purée, vanilla, cocoa nibs

Mix 4-Pack!

Only available in the Taproom.

Make up your own 4-pack from the following selections:
Chubby Unicorn
Java Monster
Hipster Santa
Corn Star
Gourds Gone Wild
Blueberry Sour
Queen of Beers

Blocker Pale Ale

Yabba Dabba Brew, Belgian Wit, 6%abv (draft and cans)

Oh, you thought we were done with breakfast beers? Nope. Let us introduce you to our “beer-eal”. Inspired by the fruit combinations, we turned a perfectly good Belgian Wit into a fruity children’s cereal. How can you go wrong with lemon, orange and cherry? All that fruit while still maintaining a Belgian Wit flavor. It’s easy drinking, refreshing, and just plain fun to drink! It’s an adult drink for your inner child. No cereal or lactose were hurt in the making of this beer. Cheers!

Specialty Cocktails

Our current malt cocktail is…Dock of the Bay Breeze! Cranberry, grapefruit, elderflower and lemon, at 10%abv…YUMMM! Have a sip before it’s gone!

I’m Your Huckleberry, Sour, 6% abv (draft and cans)

You wanted a unique sour, well here it is. Heck, even Johnny Ringo looked like someone just walked over his grave when he heard about this brew! We absolutely loaded it up with Huckleberries – we are talking 40 lbs. per barrel! That many berries creates a unique berry flavor with hints of blueberry, raspberry and blackberry. It’s exactly what everyone has been asking for. You called down the thunder, well now you’ve got it. Say when!

Driving Miss Hazy, 7% abv (draft and cans)

This New England IPA will drive you crazy with tons of tropical and citrus aroma. A cloudy straw color is traditional for this beer style. Remember to enjoy, but drink responsibly or have someone give you a lift.

Talk to Me, Goose, Triple IPA, 13%abv (draft)

We are genuinely not happy unless we are going Mach 2 with our hair on fire – and that is exactly what we did with this brew. This triple IPA came in at a staggering 13% abv! Then we really shoved it into overdrive by adding Sauvignon Blanc grape juice, phantasm, Hallertau Blanc hops and finished with gooseberries. Let Smug be your wingman with this killer combination.

Afternoon Delight (Dessert Stout), 8%abv (draft and cans)

Our motto’s always been “when it’s right, it’s right.” Why wait until the middle of a cold dark night? This brew is perfect for anytime of the day or evening. Coming in at a warming 8% abv, you can’t help but get that loving feeling all over. Brewed with dark roasty malts, toasted coconut and rich caramel, for a dessert like feel. Enjoy with the people you love most even if that is yourself.

Contains malt, hops, lactose, toasted coconut.


Gourds Gone Wild , Pumpkin Spiced Ale, 6% (draft and cans)

It’s that time of year. The time when we take everything and douse it with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice. This beer is no exception. We also added a bit of vanilla to give this beer a hint of sweetness and bring all the spices together. It’s the best thing that could ever happen to pumpkin spice – anything but basic! Sticker available!



Cranberry Orange Sour

Chubby Unicorn, 9% abv (draft and cans)

This big, mythical creature is not what she seems. With bursts of tropical flavors and hints of citrus, stone fruit, and a smooth, rounded, slightly sweet finish, it makes you realize why she decided to change her ways. Life is too short to be bitter, be a unicorn!

Sticker available!

The Queen of Beers (NEIPA), 7.5% abv (cans)

We Will Rock You with this unique craft beer offering and believe We Are the Champions for coming up with this recipe. We are Under Pressure to make a great beer and do this Killer Queen justice. In the end, we just want to Break Free and give you the best brew possible.

Blocker Pale Ale

Be Fruitful Kettle Sour Series, 5.5% abv (cans)

Our tart, fruit ales are first fermented with our lactobacillus strain and then fermented again with our house Belgian strain. Once the beer has finished fermenting, we load it up with one pound of fruit per galloon of beer. Remember to ALWAYS keep this beer refrigerated.
Sours on draft: Blueberry Sour!


Cranberry Orange Sour

Hipster Santa, 7% abv (cans)

We added large amounts of New England cranberries to go with our local malt grain. Then, we added sweet milk sugar and dry hopped with Mandarina hops. The end product is a slightly sweet, tart, hoppy brew that changes as you drink it. A fun brew for the holiday season or whenever you want to be adventurous. **Contains Lactose**


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Leisure Soda, GF Blueberry Hard Seltzer, 6.5% ABV (cans)

GF, Hard Blueberry Seltzer made from corn, fruit purée and yeast.

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6 pack, 12 oz. cans